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Belize is not only known for its amazing, breathtaking views on land, but also for a beautiful landscape beneath its crystal, blue waters. The year-round tropical climate and fantastic views found below the ocean surface make Belize a world-class snorkeling destination. We’ve compiled top 3 Best Places to Snorkel in Belize to help you plan your trip.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve

Arguably one of the most amazing places in Belize for snorkeling is the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. This location is the country’s oldest reserve. It is bursting with incredible marine life you’d have to see to believe. The Hol Chan Marine Reserve is a small channel located in the Belize Barrier Reef. The reserve is split into four zones, each with their own unique experience. Before you book your trip, do research to determine which zone you want to visit and plan accordingly.

Shark Ray Alley

Technically speaking, Shark Ray Alley is Zone 4 in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, but it is the best spot in Belize if you want to see sharks and rays up close. Typically in this region, you’ll find lemon, nurse, tiger, bull, and black-tipped reef sharks. Additionally, this area is brimming with yellow stingrays and spotted eagle rays. Often, you can see the tips of the rays breaking the surface of the water—even when approaching in a boat.

Mexico Rocks

Mexico Rocks is part of the Belize Barrier Reef with roughly thirty species of hard coral. It is also the beautiful home of vibrant fish, sea turtles, giant lobsters, and more. You may even find some nurse sharks and green moray eel on the reef. Mexico Rocks is a shallow area, perfect for snorkeling beginners. The shallowness also allows for plenty of sunshine, making the underwater visibility incredible.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced snorkeler, there’s a snorkeling tour for you in Belize. Come and experience all the natural beauty and marine life for yourself with Belize Guide Company.