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Belizean cuisine is unique in its style and flavor. While on Belize vacations, tourists are often looking to enjoy the culture through tasty delicacies. Here are few you absolutely must try before making the journey back home.

Rice and Beans

A classic Caribbean dish and a significant part of every local’s diet is Rice and Beans. Found on every menu in Belize, this simple and a flavorful dish made up of white rice and red kidney beans. The dish and can be cooked creole style, Maya Caldo, hot Caribbean style, or East Indian curried, depending on where you are located. This meal is usually eaten with a choice of meat or plantains and can be enjoyed at any mealtime during the day. You can’t leave Belize without trying this dish for yourself.

Stew Chicken

The perfect pairing to accompany the delicious rice and beans is Stew Chicken. Beloved amongst the locals, Stew Chicken is cooked with a mixture of spices along with the bone and meat of the chicken to deliver a simple yet hearty dish. Enjoyed with Belizean potato salad and rice and beans, this signature meal would be an excellent way to experience what the locals eat.

Cochinita Pibil

Originating from the Mayan culture, Cochinita Pibil or Pibil Pork is a slow roasted pork dish served with habanero pepper sauce, slices of avocado, and handmade corn tortillas. The pork is made tender and juicy by first marinating the meat and then wrapping the meat in plantain leaves. The last step for the dish is burying it underground covered by hot stones and fire or placed inside a clay oven with firewood to be slow roasted for several hours.


A popular meal amongst the Garinagu people of Belize is a fish soup called Sere. Similar to the traditional Garifuna Southern Belize dish called Hudut, Sere is a delicious fish chowder made with cassava, coconut milk, plantains, and fried fish. This meal is typically served for lunch or dinner and would delight anyone with a craving for something unique.


This Mestizo snack is sure to please and is called Salbutes. Made by deep frying corn dough into a tortilla shape, it is topped with chicken, lettuce, tomato, cabbage, onion, jalapeno, avocado, and a Marie Sharp pepper. This is a perfect lunch or dinner for tourists on Belize vacations.

Soursop Ice Cream

Unique to the Caribbean, Belize serves a yummy chilled dessert referred to as Soursop Ice Cream. Soursop is the name for the sweet fruit that is derived from the region and is used to make a variety of other flavorful desserts. This healthy, anti-oxidant ice cream has a sweet and tart flavor that can be enjoyed with condensed milk anytime during the year.