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For tourists willing to experience a unique and adventurous vacation, beautiful Belize may be just the right destination. Belize is a tropical haven with lots of culture, pristine beaches, and exotic gastronomy. This makes Belize the perfect getaway place for adventure seekers and sand-and-surf devotees. Let’s look at 5 reasons to visit Belize.

  1. Fishing

In Belize, fishing is deemed a fun activity that you can perform under the professional guidance of the captain of a Belize fishing charter. While exploring marine life, you may get lucky and catch one or more fish or take a deep dive into the ocean and enjoy snorkeling along the Belize Barrier Reef that lays claim to the planet’s largest living reef. 

  1. The Great Blue Hole

Another distinctive treasure that separates Belize from other islands is “The Great Blue Hole.” This wondrous hole is just a couple of miles off the coast of Belize and can be seen from outer space. This gigantic cave was once inland but slipped into the ocean millennia ago, then collapsed and formed this spectacular sea hole that is some 500-feet deep. It is one of the biggest attractions for scuba divers and snorkelers who just want to paddle around for the experience of being in The Great Blue Hole. 

  1. Wildlife 

We know that Belize is blessed with a breathtakingly beautiful ocean and beaches, but it is also home to a pristine tropical rainforest with amazing wildlife. Of course, such a splendid display of natural beauty is sure to attract thousands of curious tourists. Thankfully the government of Belize recognizes the importance of the rainforest and goes out of its way to protect the wild animals and birds inhabiting the rainforest. 

  1. The Beaches

You can’t think about Belize without envisioning its beautiful, sandy beaches. Though the beaches are small, they still offer a feeling of paradise. What makes it even better is that some of them are sitting right next to the tropical rainforest.

  1. Belizean Food

Belize’s various local delicacies are sure to intrigue your taste buds. Fresh tropical fruits and vegetables abound on this island and, being a maritime state, Belize enjoys a bounty of seafood including lobster, sea bass, shrimp, conch, swordfish, and other fish fillets.

Belize is the ultimate location for unforgettable adventures. Belize is blessed with summer-like weather year-round and its water activities are boundless. If you’re interested in experiencing this gorgeous country via snorkeling guided tours or a Belize fishing charter, book a tour with Belize Guide Company